Who We Are

Who we are

We in Akades are passionate about helping others, listening and guiding people to the right path way. We have had the opportunity to guide loved ones, siblings, family members and family friends to study in choice universities worldwide for years. This further lead to the birth of Akades in 2017, managed by two directors and brilliant team.

We enjoy linking student who want to study abroad, haven’t been through the same yourselves.

Akades Educational Services Limited is a registered company in Nigeria with offices in Lagos (Yaba and Ikeja) and several independent representatives across Nigeria.

Akades Educational Services Limited is registered in Nigeria. We look forward to opening more branches across Africa.

We are approved and registered with the British Council and have been trained to the highest standard to represent our potential student and partner schools in the best possible way.

We provide face to face services and also online services. we are reliable, efficient and prompt.

We have the zeal and passion to render effective services to prospective student represent our affiliate schools to the highest capacity.

We currently work with schools in United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Caribbean, Malta, UAE, Guyana and other part of the World.

  • To be with the potential student right from the beginning, we will support our applicant and guide them to make informed decision about their choice of destination.
  • Helping our student to submit their application to the school in the right manner with complete and right requirement.
  • Guidance on entry requirement and finding the best path way.
  • Guiding ourĀ  student on student visa requirement and meeting the requirement.
  • Explaining all financial requirement and obligation to the student.
  • Arranging suitable accommodation for the student when the need be. Linking student with previous or current students.
  • Providing our applicant with information on pre-departure and arrival.
  • Providing the university with up to date progress on student application and responses.
  • We arrange a meet and greet services to all our student if possible with the University.

Join the successful students today.